bT Cocktail Facial

A revolutionary facial that everyone is talking about!

What is all the fuss about? Quite simply, the fabulous bT Cocktail Facial is more than just a product and more than a technology: it is a lifestyle.

Energy, Youth, Vibrant Skin, Life - a lifestyle that will keep you looking and feeling your best naturally, non-invasively and indefinitely!

The BT Cocktail is just that; a cocktail of the most forward thinking ingredients and technology that create the ultimate environment for A.T.P synthesis. Our new Cocktail products can be used in conjunction with micro current and ultrasonic technology to maximize A.T.P.

The Treatment

This facial incorporates top of the range products infused into the skin using a hand held device called the B.T Micro. The B.T Micro is the latest rage in handheld technology which uses ultrasonic peeling combined with micro current technology for exfoliation and product penetration.

The first part of the facial uses mode A on the B.T Micro. This utilizes ultrasonic technology only, and is used for preparing the skin for maximum product penetration. The B.T Micro will be pushed along the surface of the skin after 'exfoliate' has been applied to maximize dead skin removal.

Then the second part of the treatment is mode B and this ionizes specific serums into the skin using a galvanic current which helps to decongest the skin and at the same time infuse the products deeper into the skin.

The final part of the facial then involves the B.T Micro massaging in your moisturiser.

This treatment being 30-45 mins is the perfect way to have an intense facial even if you're short on time.
The products used in this facial are what make it so special. Using nano technology the ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin giving quicker results. This treatment can also be incorporated into the Platinum and Oxygen treatments.

Some of the ingredients properties are listed below.

Unichondrin ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)

ATP is basically the energy inside every cell in our bodies. We use our body weight in ATP every day but as we age our ATP production slows down. You cannot store ATP, it has to be constantly produced and without it cells become sluggish and can cause muscles and skin to sag. ATP also stimulates fibroblast activity which keeps production of collagen and elastin up.


Thiotane is an amino acid found in mushrooms and wheat germ. It ensures higher levels of cellular energy and increases the production of lipids in the epidermis making the skin softer. It helps to reduce pore size and help keep the skin firm. It is also a very good anti-oxidant.